It's time to get CRAFTY!! 

I find this lovely felt balls fascinating!! All of the things you can do with them... string them together to make a garland and decor your kid's rooms or party, make ornamets, wreaths, hair accesories, jewlery, cake toppers, pin cushions, put them in a jar for decor, baby mobiles, flower center, pen toppers, billy balls, really the sky is the limit! 

I had this idea (among many others) for quiet some time, but had little free time to make it happen. So finally, I took out time the other day and made as many of these as possible, and to tell you the truth, I could have continued for many more hours as I was having so much fun with them and new ideas kept popping up in my head, and my hands did not want to stop making, stitching, gluing, assembling, crafting... many of you crafters know what I am talking about, right?!  ^-^ 

I would like to introduce Crafty's Pom Pom Pets... 

Pom Pom Pets

These are super fun and easy to do and would be a great craft project for the little ones don't you think? 

Here are some of the craft supplies I used to make all of these, some other craft supplies and tools are not in the picture such as wire, wool fibers, safety eyes & disappearing pen for drawing all the ears and mouths and small details for each cute pet. You can find most of these crafts supplies in my shop: felt balls, wool felt, needles, thread, scissors and many other supplies you may want to get crafty ♥ 

Craft Supplies you will need

If you combine different felt ball sizes you can add them as bodies to your pets as the little Bunny shown in the picture, or simply add some string and 1cm felt balls or wooden beads to create legs and arms! 

Pom Pom Bunny by Crafty Wool Felt

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Pom Pom Pets  by Claudia Rapp

All ideas and designs in this post are 100% my own.

I hope you enjoy reading through my post and thank you so much for visiting Crafty! 

See you soon with another lovely Crafty project! ♥

- Claudia ^-^