Happy New Year 2018! 

How is my Crafty people doing?! I hope you had a wonderful 2017 Holiday Season and the new year brings you health, love and lot's of crafty stuff! ^-^

Now, it's time to get crafty ... 

I would like to share with you guys this Mini Loom I made using the kits and templates of Mollike Makes Magazine. I think you still may be able to buy these somewhere out there. Issues #58 & #77.  #molliemakes #diyminiloom #molliemakeskits #weaving #loomlovers

Mollie Makes - Mini Loom Kits

I really love them and that is why I would like to share some pictures with you as this was my very first time weaving! The instructions are not so clear specially on how to start and end the loom but you can get some ideas online if you are a raw beginner like me!  

The kits come with everything you need!  Mini wooden frame, pick up wooden stick, 9cm weaving needle, dowel rod, yarn & cotton twine. In addition to that you will need a cute but shart pair of scissors & a ruler. (The yarn shown in this picture is from Freia - Hard Candy color and you can get it in the shop, also available in the shop: cute scarlet embroidery scissors, 9cm weaving needle, cotton twine and these little felt hearts as well! (Mini frames will soon be available in the shop so stay tunned! - www.craftywoolfelt.com)

Weaving Tools

It was very funny, once I got somewhat the hang of it, my hands had a live of their own and I started NOT following the templates and just do what my hands wanted to do! 

The bottom of the Mini Looms are just like shown in the Mollie Makes templates, with the Pink Mini Loom I followed the template up to the middle of it and then improvised the rest! With the Happy Colors Loom, my hands decided they wanted to make their own template and it worked! LOL 

Weaving Process - Templates

The last steps are still not clear to me, as how to transfer the loom to the dowel rod but somehow I managed to do so in two different ways! Please, don't ask me how; becuase until this day, I do not have a clear idea of how is the right way to do it, specially the bottom part, but let's not forget that... "Practice makes the master"

Loom - Top & Bottom

I find these cute little mini weaving frame such a cute way to learn how to weave, weaving felt like meditation or some kind of therapy, just the same effect embroidery has on me, I simply LOVE IT!

Once again, thank you so much for visiting and reading Crafty's blog.

From the bottom of my Felty Crafty Heart, 

Claudia ^-^

P.S. Just another cute little addition to my Wall Art ♥