Hello my lovies! 

Let's talk about Scissors... Who shares the same addiction?!! I know many of you Crafty lovers do ♥. 

Scissors come in all sizes, shapes and colors and eventhough, I own over 30 desings of cute and gorgeous scissors, does not mean that I use them all or use them all for everythig. I do have my favorites, which are always on my work table when crafting, but some of them... I confess, I only have for the purpuse of decor or to use as props when taking pictures for the shop.

I have been asked many times.. Are this sharp? Can I cut felt with these? Do you think my fingers will fit? Therefore, I have decided to write a post in my blog about this and why not... to show them off a well =D

Let's start by saying .. I have tested all of the scissors I sell, to make sure I know a little bit more about each of them if/when customers ask me.

This is how I use them... 

♥ Embroidery & Stitchery: You want to make sure you have not only a pretty pare of scissors/snips when stitching, but sharp and point to get to the small places as you do not want to cut the wrong thread... 

These will work perfect for that purpose. I've cut Wool Felt, Regular Fabric, Ribbon, Cord and any kind of thread/floss. Due to it's sizes, these are limited for small cuts. 

Embroidery & Stitchery Scissors

♥ Appliques: Sure you can make any scissors work, but when it comes to cutting very small or tiny pieces, believe me, you want to use the ones with a sharp, pointy and small blade! These will work perfect for that purpose, as they will let you shape/trim nicely and go around the edges as their blades will not get in the way. I've cut Wool Felt, Regular Fabric, Ribbon, Cord and any kind of thread/floss. Due to it's tiny sizes, these are limited for super small cuts such as Appliques and Dolls Clothes. 

Appliques Mini Scissors

♥ Thread/Floss Snips: This are my favorites for cutting all my thead or floss ends  when I am stitching or embroiding. Love them!! Sharp, handy and ease to use! 

Thread and Floss Snips

♥ Tailoring & Fabric: I don't do much of tailoring, and have to say that for cutting large pieces of fabric I use my Rotary Cutter, but I still have some beutiful and large Tailor Scissors for some basic work such as shorten hems and curtains.  

Tailor & Fabric Scissors

♥ Paper & Scrapbooking: I really love my paper scissors! Not only they are beatiful and colorful but they cut like butter; Paper and midium weigh Cardboard. I also use a Paper Cutter for all my handmade labels, as it makes the cut more even and prescise. 

Paper & Office Scissors

Whether you are just collecting them or you really use them when you craft, take care of them and use them correctly to prolonge the lifetime of the blades. If you are a first time buyer, make sure to get the right one for your needs, keep in mind that long and big finger holes or blades could be problematic when cutting small pieces, also if the finger holes are too small/tight you may have a problem getting your figgers in it unless you have slim hands.

You can find most of the desings and styles you see in this post in the shop. There are so many colors and finishes that you could go crazy deciding which one to pick, but in doubt get a few extra pairs! =D

As I said, all scissors I sell in the shop had been tested and they are not only pretty but sharp!!  

My Scissors Addiction

All of the content in this post it is base on my personal expirienced/opinion!

Warning... if you are addicted, you may go crazy when clicking on this link:


I hope you have enjoyed reading my post ♥ 

Thank you so much from the bottom of my Crafty Felty Heart! 

Claudia ^-^